Advance telecommunication equipment requires continues, clean, regulated and electrical power. Laor Energy offers the telecom market wide range of products including: Modular Power Supplies, Batteries, Inverters, Converters, Power Distribution Boards, Batteries, Voltage Regulators, Air Condition, heat Exchangers and Diesel Generators.

In the today's Industrial world, switchgears controllers in power stations and electronic circuits in manufacturing machines require noise free and uninterrupted electrical power. For this purpose Laor Energy offers complete solutions including power supplies, Batteries, Inverters, Converters and Voltage Regulators.
Communication equipment, radar systems and other critical equipments installed inside military sites, on military vehicles and inside mobile shelters require regulated, filtered and uninterrupted electrical power. Laor Energy provides it's defense customers with rigid custom made power supplies systems including: inverters, converter, RFI EMI filters, batteries, isolation transformers, Air Condition units and special interconnection cables build as per the relevant military standard and the customer's specifications.  

Renewable Energy
Laor Energy Hybrid Power Systems intended to supply "off grid" electrical energy by integrating between renewable electrical sources and other sources as Diesel Generators and Batteries. A careful design together with advance power management unit ensure optimum consumption of the renewable energy and minimum run time of the diesel generators.
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